Monday, April 03, 2006

The New Sitcom for Hollywood.

OK, here is the freaky twilight zone thing: I was doing a TV show in Agusta GA, about six months ago. It's a religious show which is mostly an hour of fun banter with the talk and I love it. But, the last time I did it, the host, stopped and said, right in the middle of the show... "What we need is a SITCOM of your life Marsha Marks. Let's pray for that." And right there, on her TV show - she paused and prayed for me to have a sitcom. That the powers that be would want this sitcom. I had this thought that she didn't know Hollywood, and how they are not too receptive to a sitcom about a Christian Intellectual/who feels too wordly for the Church and too Churchy for the world, and is a Flight Attendant/surrounded by airheads, and trapped in a steel cigar while trying to make it as a writer. But she prayed anyway.

Then, and this is the twilight zone part. ...two week ago, my good friend "Award Winning Author Michael Morris (A Place Called Wiregrass, and Live Like you were dying)
called my house, and said, "We have to do a sitcom of your life, of every dumb thing you've done as recorded in your books - like the time you went to Church and made your daughter spit out the communion wafer because she's allergic to wheat and you didn't realize the wafer was wheat, until she ate it... and the whole Church thought you were demon possessed. Or the time you rushed your daughter to a Doctor because you thought she had a hematoma on her leg and it turned out to be a gummie bear. Or the time you called everyone because you thought you were dying of cancer and it turned out to be a "food activated tumor' that was making your hips spread. The Initials were FAT. It wasn't a real tumor at all but cellulite.

So, anyway, I agreed with him, we need this sitcome and so we got a great name for the sitcom (actually title credit goes to the Southern Living Editor who loved the idea and gave us the great title) and got it all down out of my books (I own the TV rights to my books)

And we are now going to LA with meetings on Friday - Sat and Sun to pitch the thing, and we are pretty dang excited.

So, if you are the praying type, pray for me. I need wisdom here. And wit. And if you are not the praying type but want to see a funny funny sitcom that is family friendly and doesn't make the Church look like it's completely full of phycho's - just half full of them, then hey write me a letter of support about this. and I'll take your emails to Hollywood and show em, there are 250 Million fun lovin Christians out there, who feel they are not properly represented on TV!!!

Bye, Marsha Marks


At 11:57 AM, Blogger God's Prof said...

I love love love the idea of a sitcom about your life! My family and I are starved for family-friendly entertainment. I’ve basically given up on network TV and purchased the complete DVD sets of The Brady Bunch just so we’d have something clean to watch. The world definitely needs a witty, well-written sitcom about real, living, breathing Christians. You go, girl!

By the way, I’m also a writer (how’s that for subtlety?), and, if you need a writer for the sitcom, let me know. Also, if Underdog Publishing would like to publish a funny novel about the Christian life, I have one! It’s called Remember Will.

I kinda feel like you when you talked with Michael Korda . . .

At 2:07 PM, Blogger marshamarksblog said...

Carlton, the difference between you meeting me, and me meeting Michael, Michael Korda was for thirty years, the Editor in Chief of one of the largest Publishing Houses in the world. I, on the other hand, for twenty years, have been a Flight Attendant. I serve cokes for a living. And you, look at you, a big professor and all. So, it's nice - your comments, but (she said secretly pleased yet trying to remain humble)not quite the same!


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