Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Gift Book

OK, running a small company involves a lot of running. That's all I have to say right now. Today we got the final edit of the new gift tag book - When you were 8, when I am 80...a story about being young and growing old. And already the interest in this book is overwhelming - (I'm not just saying that.)

It turns out there are so many people caught between their 8 year old children and their 80 year old parents - or near 80 year old parents...that we all could use a book that promotes understanding between the young, the old and those in between.

Also, SOUTHERN LIVING MAGAZINE is coming to my house!!!! Heeeelllooo - I think this means, I need to clean! They are intersted in "The Southern (ha) Flight Attendant who writes books. (Oh, Thank you God for this publicity...or potential publicity)

The guy said not to get too excited yet. They are not bringing the photographer this time, just the interviewer, who will take a couple of 'shots' to let the photographer know what he is up against.

And tomorrow, in New York, I'll be meeting with the Senior Editor of Family Circle magazine. I don't want to be too nervous about know the old saying..."some trust in Chariots, some in horses...but we trust in something greater than the things money can buy..." Still, I wish I did have a nicer suit, which money could buy.

I'm just going to have to try and be who I am, and hope that doesn't scare her.


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