Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just before the book Mary McCowski Was Not a Pretty girl came out

OK, back last summer (2005) I was walking through the Dallas Ft Worth Airport and saw the last book in my three book deal with WaterBrook Press (a division of Random House).

Here I am in that airport bookstore, with FLYING BY THE SEAT OF MY PANTS - Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer. But, just this morning, (March 2006) I was thinking that I'm glad I left all that behind - (I mean being owned by the big boys of publishing) to do my own little thing - which is publish Mary McCowski Was Not a Pretty Girl. Because - now there is great freedom and peace in knowing, that no one else has their vision inside of a book with my name on it. And (this is the really odd thing) I'm making more money per book and having more sales per store with Mary McCowski, than I ever was when I was with any 'corporate' publisher. Go figure. It's just the way it works, when you self publish a book that - well, that takes on a life of it's own.


At 6:47 PM, Blogger Mark Pettus said...

Marsha, I'm glad to discover you've entered blogdom. Self-publishing is a tough job, but you are so good in front of an audience that I'm not surprised to hear you are on your fifth printing. Congrats, and good luck.


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