Friday, March 17, 2006

The Joey Reynolds Show

OK, going to New York is fun - and not just for the food and the shopping! We're talking the JOEY REYNOLDS show (google him - you younger kids). I love doing this show! Listen in for a live in studio interview with Joey, and me, on St. Patricks Day, March 17th, 2006.

Also, just heard from my friend Suzane Hansen - and her new book YOU'LL NEVER NANNY IN THIS TOWN AGAIN - is #30 on the NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER list!

Heeelllloooo that is the dream of so many people. And it used to be my dream. Now, I just dream of having enough money/capital to publish my own books - make that all the books that are in my heart with lil ole (don't judge a publishing company by the website. And for those of you who do - it will get better next week!).

Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Gift Book

OK, running a small company involves a lot of running. That's all I have to say right now. Today we got the final edit of the new gift tag book - When you were 8, when I am 80...a story about being young and growing old. And already the interest in this book is overwhelming - (I'm not just saying that.)

It turns out there are so many people caught between their 8 year old children and their 80 year old parents - or near 80 year old parents...that we all could use a book that promotes understanding between the young, the old and those in between.

Also, SOUTHERN LIVING MAGAZINE is coming to my house!!!! Heeeelllooo - I think this means, I need to clean! They are intersted in "The Southern (ha) Flight Attendant who writes books. (Oh, Thank you God for this publicity...or potential publicity)

The guy said not to get too excited yet. They are not bringing the photographer this time, just the interviewer, who will take a couple of 'shots' to let the photographer know what he is up against.

And tomorrow, in New York, I'll be meeting with the Senior Editor of Family Circle magazine. I don't want to be too nervous about know the old saying..."some trust in Chariots, some in horses...but we trust in something greater than the things money can buy..." Still, I wish I did have a nicer suit, which money could buy.

I'm just going to have to try and be who I am, and hope that doesn't scare her.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just before the book Mary McCowski Was Not a Pretty girl came out

OK, back last summer (2005) I was walking through the Dallas Ft Worth Airport and saw the last book in my three book deal with WaterBrook Press (a division of Random House).

Here I am in that airport bookstore, with FLYING BY THE SEAT OF MY PANTS - Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer. But, just this morning, (March 2006) I was thinking that I'm glad I left all that behind - (I mean being owned by the big boys of publishing) to do my own little thing - which is publish Mary McCowski Was Not a Pretty Girl. Because - now there is great freedom and peace in knowing, that no one else has their vision inside of a book with my name on it. And (this is the really odd thing) I'm making more money per book and having more sales per store with Mary McCowski, than I ever was when I was with any 'corporate' publisher. Go figure. It's just the way it works, when you self publish a book that - well, that takes on a life of it's own.

Success and finding lost socks

OK, the little book Mary McCowski was not a pretty girl, is taking off so much, that I've had to order another 2500 books printed. This is the 5th printing I've had since the little book was published - just 5 months ago, and it's only been sold on Amazon, my website and TWO tiny bookstores for the last 45 days! So this is GOOD news on the business side. Also, the good press continues - which is good. But, here's the problem. I'm still without a US or Foreign distributor. I am the only one shipping orders except for So every morning I check new orders and ship them, while trying to find matching socks for my daughter and packing her lunch and trying to not totally neglect our 17 year old foreign exchange student. I never read books about men who go off to the office to be successful - who sweat the concept of what their child will eat for lunch, or if she has her Latin flashcards up to date. What is the deal with that? So, I've decided I don't just want to be Martha Stewart (without the Prison part) but also Mother Theresa (but with a better I've started working out) - and I've been thinking lately, it's not as important to be successful business wise, as it is to be kind to those I'm dealing with on a daily basis, so I'm praying a goes like this, "God help my business decisions, and help me to be loving to everyone, even my enemies - because that's just like you."